GreenBottle is the world’s first paper milk bottle. To establish it required a compelling brand design and proposition as well as a high-profile national media launch.
Position GreenBottle as the 100% compostable and multi-recyclable alternative to the 15 million plastic bottles disposed in the UK every day.
Planet-friendly packaging.
Insight and Brand Positioning, Brand identity, Brand guidelines, PR,
Social media.
  • Coverage in the Observer, BBC Breakfast, BBC 5 live Breakfast, BBC News Channel, Daily Mail, The Independent
  • Inspired blogs and tweets from around the world
  • Social media sentiment for GreenBottle 7:1 positive
  • Total mainstream media impacts exceeded 7.5 million – reaching 12% of the UK population
  • A week’s worth of milk sold in five hours on launch day
  • Insight and Brand Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Print
  • Packaging
  • PR
  • PR
  • Social Media

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