Creative interns Andy & Jonny chronicle their MBA experience: Part Two

December 22nd, 2014 by Interestingness

So we’ve reached the end of our time here at MBA. It’s been an incredible 8 weeks getting to know everyone and pushing ideas with the creative crew.

We’ve learnt many things over our stay, Peely’s a natural born rapping extraordinaire, Graham probably moonlights as a rock god and Claudias missed her calling as a stand up comedian.

This one time she said ‘good afternoon’ but it was still the morning!

Classic Claudia, always bringing the megabantz.

We feel like we’ve been properly accepted by this agency, like a couple of cheeky rascals adopted off the street in what’s (probably) been an even more heartfelt version of Oliver Twist.

We’re going to miss everything from the cheerful atmosphere to the incredible quality of the printer paper. The gloss on that bad boy is ridiculous.

Thanks for the laughs and lessons MBA, it’s been magic.
Andy & Jonny – signing off


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