Our creative interns Andy and Jonny chronicle their MBA experience: Part one

December 18th, 2014 by Interestingness

So, it’s currently our second trip through MBA’s buddha guarded door – you’ll know if you’ve visited – and I think its fair to say we were both pretty amped about returning. It’s been great coming back to an agency that we thoroughly enjoy working at.


Since returning, the office has had a shuffle around, and we’re currently enjoying the constant laughter produced by Caroline and Claudia. Two persistent callers who know more about the life of Juicing Guru and film star Joe Cross, than Joe Cross himself. (In-jokes on blog posts don’t really work do they?)

It’s been a refreshing couple of weeks working on brands that we’re not really in touch with as consumers. We’re unsure as to whether we’re allowed to talk about the work we’ve created, but nethertheless it’
s been a blast working on a window salesman named after a mountain, and a make-up brand that make you feel individual. Coincidentally Andy’s cheeks have never looked rosier.

Having been extended for another couple of weeks (cheers guys) we feel that for the next blog entry we need to step up our game a bit. So in true blogger style, we sign off this entry with the 3 words that scream ‘old teen star kick-starting failed career’….Watch. This. Space.


From Andy & Jonny


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